Introducing Gura: A Race of Ape-like Creatures (v0.1)

"BA05 Sun Wukong" by Herionz
“BA05 Sun Wukong” by Herionz

“The Gura are a race of humanoid, ape-like creatures. Their bodies are covered in fur, though their faces resemble a human’s. They live in places of wilderness, tending to reside among the treetops of jungles, rainforests, and, in some worlds, temperate forests. Gura find talent in the martial arts and in feats of strength. It is widely believed that the Gura are descendants of the legendary Balguras—a race of demons who represent savagery and brutality—and have mixed blood with humans.”

This is the first published, homebrew content I’ve made for D&D and I’m very excited to be able to share it. I start playing D&D this past August and quickly became hooked, I know DM my own game, as well as playing in another.

I plan on creating a series of homebrew content for 5th Edition, with this being the first of many. While I feel that the gameplay side of this race is essentially complete, there’s a lot I’d still like to do on the flavor-side. I feel like the naming system for the race is rather half-baked as is a lot of the culture for the race. I also have at least two additional subraces I’m considering adding to the Gura.

When this race is complete, I plan on offering a free version here on the site that will include the essentials and resemble what is currently provided in the pdf. However, I will also offer a pay-what-you-want version on DM’s Guild for those wanting a deeper look at the race, it will include a lot of design notes and suggestions of modification and how to implement the class from a DM perspective.

Gura v0.1


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