Team Valor Logo Cutout [Mystic Added]

Pokemon GO has just launched in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Along with it we’re now seeing the three teams that players will be divided into Valor (Red), Mystic (Blue), and Instinct (Yellow). These teams all have some pretty great looking logos, so I decided to clean up the Team Valor logo. If people like this, I’ll do this for the other two logos as well, especially since they’re simpler than Valor’s logo.


Team Valor cutout.png
The full Team Valor logo, with the emblem around Moltres.
Team Valor cutout no outside
Moltres, by itself, no emblem.

They’re not the best quality, but I did my best. If you want the project file, send a message to /u/jatatcdc.

UPDATE: Team Mystic (Blue – Articuno)

The full Team Mystic logo, with the emblem around Articuno.


Team Mystic cutout
The full Team Mystic logo, with the emblem around Articuno.
Team Mystic cutout no outside
Articuno, by itself, no emblem.

I feel like this one turned out a lot better. I used Illustrator to trace it this time and while it took a longer to clean it up, I got a much better result out of it. I’ll work on Team Instinct in the morning.


23 thoughts on “Team Valor Logo Cutout [Mystic Added]

      1. Any chance you can upload the screenshots? I don’t know how I can view them while ingame and I’d like to clean up my own set to use for charms and stuff like that and not just rip yours 😡


      2. They’re on /r/TheSilphRoad subreddit if you want them, but feel free ripping them. That’s what I posted them before.


      3. Whoa alright, thanks. Didn’t know if you’d be cool about it so didn’t wanna ask lol. I’ll work on embroidery patches and I’ll let ya know as soon as I finish a set. I can totally send you some 8)


    1. Thanks! I don’t mind, but keep in mind that these are Ninatic/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo’s intellectual property. Someone else tried a Teespring campaign and it was taken down for that reason. If you’re going to print them, don’t sell them, print them for your own use.


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