Finalized PoGo Logos [Mystic Logo Fixed!]


Here are some improved team logos from Meritt Thomas (Twitter – Dribbble), these logos are generally better and truer to the originals, as well as including fixes to the Mystic logo.  I never intended my logos to be used for very long, but they seem to be the most used logos even weeks after I made them, in spite of better, less-flawed logos being made. To try to correct this, I’m sharing my personal favorites versions. If I make wallpapers or other art in the future, this is what I’ll be using.

Here’s a link to his original post, I’ll also include the images in this post. Huge thanks to him for making these! If you want the vectors, you can find them in that post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Can I use these for my shirt/page/hat/presidential campaign logo?

I don’t care, that’s what I made my original logos for. These new ones aren’t made by me, but my understanding from Meritt is that he made these for that same purpose. Be careful selling these, they’re the IP of The Pokémon Company & Ninatic. Please don’t bother asking for permission here.

Are you going to be making the Gym Leaders soon?

Maybe, if nothing like that pops up soon I’ll make some. I’d rather someone else make them since I’m not the best at this sort of thing.

Where can I find vector files?

Here are the vectors for Meritt’s logos, I’m not planning on posting mine now.


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